Tips & Tricks

  • With Tomalong Trees any tree stand can be used. We trim the bottom of the trees to make falling the tree far easier, as well as getting it in your stand. We do have stands available for purchase should you need one.
  • Your tree will benefit from being put in water as soon as possible after its cut. In the first few days it will drink up the water, so keep replenishing to ensure it does not dry out.
  • At Tomalong the height of the tree is your choice, as every tree in our paddocks are one price. You can wander and find your perfect tree with no concern of price. So whether you are looking for a large tree or something smaller, we can help you out.
  • Could we suggest that you take an annual family photo somewhere at Tomalong, so your children’s or indeed your families growth can be recorded – we now have a special ‘Photo Booth’ as well! One Family have continued this tradition for 8 years.
Our Photo Booth is the perfect place for a family photo!