1.What payment methods do you accept?

Cash or Bank Transfer

2. How long will a tree last? 

This is a hard question to answer because it depends on the tree you select, the season, recent rainfall etc. However if you are concerned we do have a little secret we will share when you come to Tomalong.

3 . Do you need to bring anything?

No, we suggest you bring an old sheet or equivalent if the tree is going in your car, but otherwise we can provide everything you need.

4. How do we transport our tree?

This year we will be offering plastic wrap for your tree at a small charge per tree of $5.00.

5. We are looking for a large tree, how big are your trees?

We have trees to 9 feet on the farm, but when they are sold we will be bringing in some additional large trees on Saturday 4th and Saturday 11th December from 9.00am.

6. How do we care for your tree?

The main thing is to get it into water as soon as possible, because it will drink quite an amount over the first few days.

7. Any tips for setting up the tree at home?

It is easier if two people put it up, so one can ensure its straight while the other screws in the bolts in the stand.

8. Anything we should not do to our tree?

A fad we heard about a couple of years ago was spraying with hair spray. A few customers reported their trees were discoloured by the spray they used and vowed to never do it again.

9. Can we bring our dog out to the farm?

Certainly, but we request that they are kept on a lead for the comfort of other customers.

10. What can we expect at Tomalong?

A true Christmas adventure. We are proud of the bush setting and gardens on our Farm and encourage all our visitors to enjoy the grounds, fresh air and sunshine, while at the same time observing some common sense precautions for your safety and comfort.